Department of Architecture

Department of Architecture


The Department of Architecture provides a four-year curriculum. It is designed to guide students in the earlier years to take more introductory classes as well as the general subjects provided for all students. The core subjects include Architectural Design, in which students learn how to design buildings of various types, Structural Mechanics and Strength of Materials. In the final year, students are assigned a graduation project of either design or research, which they must complete to graduate.

The department accepts a growing number of students from overseas; many of whom choose to continue to study in the following three specific fields.

(A) Architectural Design and Urban Planning

This area has three sections: 1) History, conservation and regeneration; 2) Urban planning and design; 3) Architectural planning and design. The aims of this area are to teach and undertake research in the fields of the history of architecture, architectural design, urban design etc.

(B) Building Science and Building production

This area has two sections: 1) Building science and human needs; 2) Building production. The aims of this area are teaching and research in the fields of building science and building production.

(C) Structural Design

This area has four sections: 1) Structural mechanics; 2) Structural analysis; 3) Structural design and 4) Structural planning. Advanced classes on specific subjects such as Vibration Engineering, Foundation Engineering, and Fireproof Engineering are open to students.


They are the main special subjects of the department of architecture.

1st grade

  • Introduction Seminar
  • Descriptive Geometry
  • Basic Architectural Design
  • History of World Architecture
  • Structural Mechanics I

2nd grade

  • Architectural Design I, II, III, and IV
  • Architectural Environment Planning I
  • Urban Environment Design
  • Building Production I
  • Structural Mechanics II
  • Structural Design I

3rd grade

  • Architectural Design V, VI, and VII
  • Architectural Equipment I
  • Urban and Regional Design
  • Building Production II
  • Structural Design II and III

4th grade

  • Graduation Design
  • Thesis Study
  • Architectural Programming and Design II
  • Vibration Engineering
  • Structural Design I and II